Jens Lind(b. 1994, SE)

Working with web technologies ― I write software & design interfaces. While valuing independent entities, I like to look beyond my own field and find joy in design, from graphics to furniture, but also in architecture and fine art. I fancy the quiet, poetic, and tracker free web, sometimes reffered to as the ``slow web''.

Approaching software ― I like to take inspiration from the early days of computer science as well as in attitudes found in typography centered graphic design.[1][2][3] To me, the joy in writing software is not always about exploring the latest tools, but finding patterns that help you stay independent of such and design more comprehensible solutions ― i.e. small and modular.[4]

Fig. 1

I have worked at vastly different companies and environments. From early-stage experimenting & prototyping to large-scale production applications. In the last few years I have almost solely worked in React & Graphql stacks.

I enjoy thinking around design-systems and have been part of building such from the ground-up with great influence from `styled-system'.[5][6] Although I would pick a different toolset today, the thought process would be similar.

Just like websites, architecture is inherently public, and a concern to all of us.[7] Fascinated by the brutalistic movement of the 50s and 60s, I enjoy exploring historical buildings whether in Oslo, or rest of the world.

In combination with film photography, another interest of mine, I often have a side-project going. Capturing moments without instant feedback is quite a refreshing feeling in todays fast-paced society.